Friday, November 03, 2006

The PC's are up and Running in Ontario!

Ontario Paint Bucket has the new PC's operational and Upland will be up shortly.

Introducing Benjamin Moore's AURA Paint
Last thursday's visit from Benjamin Moore Aura to the Ontario store was quite a success.  Contractors were given an opportunity to "Test the Paint", and two
coat coverage.

This site is just starting and we continue to add new features.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Paint Buckets and CAT 5

Paint Store Blues:
Always fun connecting the Old with the New. As one sage observer once said: "Funny thing about the future...We keep running into it." That is pretty much what is happening Here at the Paint Bucket.

The Two Stores will be wired-up "real-soon-now". Just in time to join "the connected". Bear with us as we migrate the new waters of technology. This quickly put together BLOG is a temporary site to the ongoing process. Call it an Island in the storm of activity.

Comments appreciated.